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A Greater View

By Phyllis Hennecy Hendry, President/CEO

When my granddaughter was about two years old, she used to sit down at the first tide pool she'd find on the beach, content she had arrived. She stopped short, seeing only the small pool when the entire ocean was available.

As I reflect on the amazing God-happenings in 2015, I am so grateful! Now, as I peer into 2016, I want to be sure to keep moving forward – to keep dreaming, believing and planning. You see, I wouldn’t want to stop short of the ocean of blessings God surely has in store.

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Leading Like Jesus

Featured Articles and Podcasts from www.LeadLikeJesus.com

Pack Up, Make Room

By Sheryl Giesbrecht, Author, Speaker and Radio Personality

It’s funny isn’t it? There’s an uncanny sense of regeneration when you rearrange and pack things up. It feels like your office or home has more room. The same thing is true in our spiritual lives. When we allow God to reposition and change things up, we make room in our lives for more of God.

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Leadership, Ethics and Purpose

With Mick Ukleja, Founder and President of Leadership TraQ

In this podcast, Mick Ukleja shares his insights about the importance of ethics in all aspects of leadership. Mick zeroes in on why most of us want to become ethical and purpose driven leaders, but don't fully understand how to achieve that. He outlines six simple and practical questions that, if asked and lived by, will help every leader achieve the highest standard of ethics as they lead and influence others.

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Leadership that Shows

Ministry Updates and Impact Stories

In Pursuit of Transformation

Hungry for transformation, the group of young, Vietnamese business leaders poured over resources found on Lead Like Jesus' website, and organized Encounter workshops throughout their network. By the time they first connected with us, Lead Like Jesus already had deeply rooted “unofficial” ministry spread throughout Vietnam.

Weekend in the Mountains Leads to New Men's Ministry

“I’ve seen a lot of things in my career, but that was powerful,” says Denny McGurer of his church's men's retreat. “We got away, built friendships, and built community...Lead Like Jesus gave us sustainability for the men’s ministry initiative in our church.”

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Next Steps

Resources and Training for Your Leadership Growth

Lead Like Jesus: The 6-Week Study Guide
This 6-week study provides 5 days per week of personal reflection, including memory verses, prayers, activities and opportunities for you to write your own plan. Available in single or bulk quantities. $9.99
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The Great Leader Series
A set of four, 4-Week Study Guides, including:
- The Heart of a Servant Leader
- The Head of a Servant Leader
- The Hands of a Servant Leader
- The Habits of a Servant Leader
$28.99 for set. For group or individual study.
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Mark Your Calendar

Leadership Training in a City Near You
* Facilitator Certification Training is available in conjunction with these Encounter events. For further information, view the Online Calendar or email Rich Meiss.
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