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What Do You Want....Really? 3 Important Truths for Desperate Leaders

By Phyllis Hennecy Hendry, President/CEO

“Get the ball!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. “You’ve got to want it. REALLY want it!” Frankly, I was pretty frustrated with this father, who had been shouting this same same mantra to his daughter throughout the entire game. However, even in my frustration, I understood the power of his statement. It is true: our human desires do impact outcomes. 

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Leading Like Jesus

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Conflict: Are You Solving the Problem or Being the Problem?

With Chris and Karin Conlee, Founders of Highpoint Church and Hosts of Love Works Podcast

In this second podcast of a 4-part series, Chris and Karin have an open and honest discussion about conflict being a normal and necessary part of leadership. Learn how to recognize when you’re in the “danger zone” and what you can do to make sure that you’re actually addressing, not augmenting, the issue at hand.  

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"Jerks" in Every Leader's Life

By Megan Pacheco, Chief Learning Officer, Lead Like Jesus

Some time ago I was reading a book titled The Solomon Secrets when I came across a chapter called “Listen to the Jerks in Your Life.” My initial reaction was: Why would I want to do that?! But it soon became clear to me that “jerks” – and the uncomfortable messages they bring us – are an indispensable part of every leader’s life.

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Leadership that Shows

Ministry Updates and Impact Stories


Nigeria: Ignite Creating Ripples of Transformation 


News stories pouring out of Nigeria are often dismal. Many know this as a nation struggling with Boko Haram, violence, poverty, and deep corruption. Yet there is hope on the horizon. Lead Like Jesus, in partnership with well-established ministries on the ground in Africa, is helping inspire and equip thousands of young people to lead differently, following in the footsteps of Jesus.

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Resources and Training for Your Leadership Growth

New Release: Lead Like Jesus Revisited

"The more I read the Bible, the more evident it becomes that everything I have ever taught or written about effective leadership, Jesus did to perfection. He is simply the greatest leadership role model of all time."  Ken Blanchard

In this newly revised classic, authors Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodges and Phyllis Hennecy Hendry guide readers through simple yet profound leadership principles from the life of Jesus, once again showing us the way that effective leaders lead.
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20% Off! The Head of a Great Leader Study Guide

For the month of July, get 20% OFF on our Head of a Great Leader Study Guide! Use it as a personal study, group study, or as a lunch and learn opportunity with your team. Explore issues like: self-leadership, one-on-one leadership, team and organizational leadership, vision, purpose and values.

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