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Simon Says: Do What Jesus Says!

By Phyllis Hennecy Hendry, President/CEO

One of my favorite childhood games was “Simon Says.” The leader has so much fun telling people to do silly things: hop on one leg, pat their heads and stomachs at the same time, or turn around ten times just because “Simon said.” I wonder… How would your life and mine look different if we would only do what Jesus says? 

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Leading Like Jesus

Featured Articles and Podcasts from www.LeadLikeJesus.com

Values Driven Leader

With Jeff McCall, Vice President/Head of Strategy, TruGreen

At age 35, Jeff McCall has an MBA from Harvard, and has already risen through the ranks of corporate leadership. In this podcast, Jeff talks about the challenges he has had to overcome along the way. From his mother dying when he was 11, to being raised by a single dad in the inner city of Detroit, Jeff shares how all these trials led him to Jesus and ultimately helped him define true success.

You're Wasting My Time!: 10 Ways Leaders Squander a Most Important Resource

By Heather Day, Director of Communications, Lead Like Jesus

Honestly, I would never intentionally mistreat those I lead or haphazardly waste their resources.

Yet I confess, I’ve been guilty of squandering their time. Time is more than money. Honoring our employees’ time communicates that we see they have purpose; they have value. Good time management is a highly practical expression of compassion, empowerment and love.

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Leadership that Shows

Ministry Updates and Impact Stories

Joven Soro: Planting Churches in the Philippines 

Within a month of his first life-changing encounter with Jesus, Joven had a clear understanding of what God was directing him to do. “One night I had a dream that I was preaching the Gospel. So I decided to go back to my hometown and plant a church.” Now, as a Master Trainer for Lead Like Jesus, his vision has expanded to reaching his entire country for Jesus, by helping inspire and equip other Church Planters to establish churches where none exist.

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Leaders from 6 African Nations Collaborate to Share


Chief International Director Jim Montgomery met with LLJ National Directors from Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya for a time of strategy development, planning, and celebration in Nairobi, Kenya on July 21-23. Collectively, they are commissioned with inspiring and equipping 8,000 adults across Africa to Lead Like Jesus this year through Encounter and 25,000 students through Ignite.

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Next Steps

Resources and Training for Your Leadership Growth

New Release: Lead Like Jesus Revisited

"The more I read the Bible, the more evident it becomes that everything I have ever taught or written about effective leadership, Jesus did to perfection. He is simply the greatest leadership role model of all time."  Ken Blanchard

In this newly revised classic, authors Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodges and Phyllis Hennecy Hendry guide readers through simple yet profound leadership principles from the life of Jesus, once again showing us the way that effective leaders lead.
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Igniting Influence

30% Off! Igniting Influence

12 Online Leadership Lessons for Millennials

For the month of August, receive 30% OFF any of individual or group purchase of our new, popular resource for emerging leaders!

Tackle issues like purpose, confidence, self-worth, pride, fear, purpose and building strong relationships. Each online lesson includes: video, biblical examples, case studies, practical application, and powerful discussion and discovery questions.

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