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Courageous Leadership

By Phyllis Hennecy Hendry, President/CEO

Have you ever had a really bad moment? A moment when you let yourself down and others who depended on you? A moment when you were not your best self? A moment that would embarrass you if others knew? Even as I type these words, I am convicted by those moments in my life.

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Leading Like Jesus

Featured Articles and Podcasts from www.LeadLikeJesus.com

Are You Just Putting Out Fires, or Growing?

Moving from Success to Significance: Part 1

With Evan Owens, Executive Director of Reboot Recovery

At the peak of his professional and financial success, God called Evan Owens out of the corporate world in order to start a ministry to struggling veterans. In this first podcast of a two-part series, Evan talks about the unseen enemy we all fight. Recognizing our own vice or sin of choice, and our ability to openly address it, is key to overcoming it. It prevents the enemy from destroying us and our families. 

If You Ever Want to Say Yes, You Need to Start Saying No

By Owen Phelps, Author and Director of the Yeshua Catholic International Leadership Institute

“Before long my various ‘To-Do’ lists included more things than I had any realistic hope of getting to. I was swamped. Overcommitted. I had to start prioritizing people and things. The choices were always tough, sometimes agonizing. But when I didn’t do it, the agony just raised its ugly head in a different way: I let people down, broke promises, and undermined trust.”

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Leadership that Shows

Ministry Updates and Impact Stories

Fervent Calling

Morris Bazibu, Uganda

With his brilliant smile and infectious laughter, one would never guess how deeply Pastor Morris Bazibu understands the pain of bad leadership. And yet, says Morris, it was the fear and pride of a single leader that nearly cost him everything. At 2-years-old, he and his mother watched as his father was taken from their house and brutally slaughtered in their garden. “Our lives were shattered completely.”

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One Year Later: Vietnam Ministry Flourishing

Just one year into the official launch of ministry in Vietnam, on-the-ground partners are already having tremendous impact as they inspire and equip others to lead like Jesus. “The enthusiasm and excitement with which the Vietnamese are embracing Jesus as their role model for leadership is such an encouragement to us and others,” says Jim Montgomery, Chief International Officer.

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Next Steps

Resources and Training for Your Leadership Growth

New Release! DISC Biblical Behavioral Assessment

The DISC Biblical Behavioral Assessment (BBA) is a personal and team assessment tool based on DISC, the leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year. Combining years of scientific and theological research, the DISC BBA cites Biblical examples of people who embodied each trait, and who God used to accomplish His purposes. It shows how Jesus modeled each trait to perfection and creates a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others.

Receive a 40-page personalized report with detailed insights about your specific personality profile, including ways to use it to motivate others, improve communication, resolve conflict and become a better team player and leader. 

Can be used within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationships.

DISC BBA Certification Opportunities Available. 

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Bonus Offer! Lead Like Jesus Revisited

Purchase the DISC Biblical Behavioral Assessment during the month of October, and receive 20% off your copy of Lead Like Jesus Revisited!

In this newly revised classic, authors Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodges and Phyllis Hennecy Hendry guide readers through simple yet profound leadership principles from the life of Jesus, once again showing us the way that effective leaders lead.

Use promo code OCT20 at checkout. 

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