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The Perfect Gift

By Phyllis Hennecy Hendry, President/CEO

Have you ever had a perfect Christmas? I remember the Christmas when I was twelve that was perfect to me.  I wanted a birthstone ring, but I did not know if my parents could afford it.  I had opened presents and they were nice, but not a birthstone ring.  I remember the self-talk in my head reminding me to be grateful for what I had received and trying to hide my disappointment as we were cleaning up the room after all the presents had been opened.  My dad said, “I think we’re missing something; did you get everything out of your stocking?”  

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Leading Like Jesus

Featured Articles and Podcasts from www.LeadLikeJesus.com

Discovering God's Purpose without the Pressure

When you feel like you don't measure up

With Karin Conlee, Author

In today’s podcast Karin Conlee, author of Miss Perfect 9-week study for women, has a message for all women who constantly feel like they don’t measure up.

Karin, by all worldly standards, had it all together-good education, great circle of friends, great boyfriend and, to top it all, good looks. Life seemed to be going great, until one day she realized that her security and her success ladder were leaning against the wrong wall. Despite all the external factors, Karin found herself empty and lacking on the inside.

In the Looking Glass

Calculated Risks, Why Standing Still is Not an Option

By Sheryl Giesbrecht, Author and Speaker

“I’ll bet you a dollar he strikes out!”

“I’ll take that bet!”

The batter struck out, and the dollar bill passed down the line of young baseball fans.

“I’ll bet you a dollar that he makes it to first base!”

“I’ll take that bet!”

The batter got a walk, and the same dollar bill passed back to the original owner.

Our family was enjoying our first Fenway Park baseball game. In front of us was a group of developmentally challenged young men and their counselors. All through the game, the same dollar bill passed from one to another, each betting on the outcome of a play.

There was no real gamble, no real risk. But these fellows felt like they were living on the edge. They were part of something. But more than that, they were taking part in something – and entertaining our family too! 

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Leadership that Shows

Ministry Updates and Impact Stories

Experiencing a Greater Transformation

Life-changing Encounter in Philippines

“God used gracious people to help me to go back to my first love: Jesus."

Lizette, a pharmacy student in the urban Philippines, shares how her heart was changed after attending a recent Encounter. As a child, Lizette was raised knowing the right thing to do. Growing up in a religious home, her parents taught her to be involved and serve in the church, but she quickly learned that busyness wasn’t the way to Jesus. 

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Next Steps

Resources and Training for Your Leadership Growth

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 Igniting Influence for Millienials

Do you employ, mentor, or parent Millennials? Could you use flexible, online leadership development content for team or personal use? 

If your answer is YES, then Igniting Influence, available for Group and Individual use, is worth your attention.

In these 12 lessons, Igniting Influence helps Millennials understand that most leadership failures are not caused by lack of education, experience, or skills -- but by issues of the heart like fear, pride and ego. It tackles head on issues like: our identity in Jesus, self-worth, pride, fear, and building strong relationships.  We’ll also examine the importance of integrity, character, confidence, and accountability. 

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Igniting Influence





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